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We are committed to ensuring that all children and young people in our care can achieve economic well-being and are not prevented by economic disadvantage from attaining their full potential in life.

On-going training for foster carers and young people alike is provided to help them develop an understanding of the practical independence skills and preparation required to help young people realise their potential and ensure a successful transition to independence that will enable them to achieve economic-well-being. Our foster carers have a crucial role in working alongside professionals in preparing young people to realise their full potential in adult life and are often best placed to know where their strengths and vulnerabilities lie.

We are committed to ensuring that the children and young people in our care begin learning about personal budgeting and financial responsibility at an early stage, ensuring that an appropriate amount of money is saved monthly on each young person’s behalf, and that young people are encouraged and supported to manage money themselves as they grow in independence.

Education case workers are available to help young people prepare for exams and to plan for their future with a real understanding of the importance of education in respect of economic well-being.  Our foster carers are supported to be ambitious on behalf of the children and young people in their care and to understand the role of education in enabling children and young people to realise their full potential – from early years to university. This is achieved through training, access to a Swiis Education Advisor (where appropriate) and via carers’ monthly supervisions with their Supervising Social Worker.

Children and young people in placement are encouraged to learn about values and respect for others and also encouraged to participate in activities that will help develop these values and skills.

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