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What about Permanent Fostering?

Permanence fostering
Permanent fostering is intended to provide children who cannot return to their birth family with a ‘family for life’, where they can feel secure, grow up and achieve their potential. Whilst it can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding. Permanent carers change children’s lives, giving them a positive future within a loving family and supporting them into independence.

Why consider permanent fostering?

Have you thought about fostering but worry that you would find it too difficult to ‘let a child go’? Permanent placements are carefully planned and intended to last until the child grows up and can live independently, just as our own children do.

Have you considered adoption but want to be sure that you will get the support you need in the future?

Permanent fostering is a viable alternative to adoption, providing the security every child needs but also giving foster carers flexible support whenever they need it. We also recognise the commitment of our foster carers by paying them a realistic fee and allowances.

Are you childless or do you want to add to your family through fostering?

We have permanent carers who are single or couples (including gay and lesbian) who have become families by fostering single children or brothers and sisters. We are also happy to consider people who want to add to their family, or parents whose children have grown up but who still feel they have the energy and commitment to care for another child. Children who require permanent fostering are likely to need lots of individual attention and support, so it’s best if your own children are old enough to cope with this.

How will we know if a child is right for our family?

All our carers are carefully assessed and prepared. We’ll get to know you and agree your strengths and your limitations, to help us to find the best child or children to fit with you and your family. We always try to plan introductions so that you have the opportunity to get to know each other, before the child moves in.

Swiis Permanence Service includes social workers, educational workers, therapists and resources workers. This allows us to provide flexible support to all our carers at all times.

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