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Foster care stories

Sarah and Paul’s Story

"When Paul* took early retirement from his stressful job, we took some time out and enjoyed some “us” time. We travelled and relished our free time. However, once that honeymoon period was over, we decided that Paul could not spend every day on the golf course. As our son was away in the RAF, we had an empty home. We felt we still so much to offer on the nurturing front.

We decided we missed the rushing around on a Saturday or Sunday to take Kris to his sporting events and also missed the presence of a youngster and his friends in the house. So our fostering journey began…. we were very naïve. We thought we could only foster through the local council. When we googled foster care, Swiis came up. As they were local, we contacted them and received a visit from two Swiis workers who asked if we wanted to be permanent carers. The truth was we did not even know what the difference was. However all that changed once the process started.

Within a few months, we received a telephone call advising us that a little boy needed a home quickly. Our thoughts turned to panic although we had been waiting for a call. It was exciting and nerve-wracking both at the same time. David came for a visit one day and moved in a few days later.

David was everything that was different from our own son, Kris and we tried to give him everything we though he would want. The difference was he was not the same as Kris and his interests were so different. Poor David was wanting to please so much he went to all the things we organised for him and did not complain, although he probably hated them. However, once we got used to each other, he became more vocal and we realised David had his own voice and he now chooses what he want to do – a learning process for all of us.

David is a great boy, but, as any looked after child, he does come with challenges. He finds making friends very difficult, but the support that we all get from Swiis helps us to deal with those issues. We all work together for the best outcomes for David. Realistically, in the 2 years we have had David, we have had very few bad days, a huge amount of good days and a lot of great days.

David still has some contact with his family and it is great to hear when he is coming back, he states that he is ready to come home.

Foster carers are only human and it definitely gets frustrating when you are having to teach an 11 year old something you would have taught your own 5 year old. However, the pleasure you get when he gets it, is so rewarding. David gets it more often than not now and he’s trying hard every day.

We are proud foster carers and better people for having David in our lives."

Swiis Foster Care Scotland prides itself on achieving positive outcomes for some of the most vulnerable and complex young people.

* Please note – all names have been changed and photos are staged scenarios for publicity / advertising purposes.

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Please note - all names have been changed and photos are not real people, but staged scenarios for publicity / advertising purposes.

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